URL or book&page/location reference of artifact (if applicable): N/A


Title of artifact: Commendation on the Front

Date / date range: 1945

Geography: Germany, possibly around either Biblis or Braunschardt 

Culture: American

Medium: Paper

Dimensions:  3.5 in. x 4.5 in.

Classification: Photograph

Provenance/ownership: Dani Hurley, personal collector. Collected at an antique store in Purcell, Oklahoma.

Description and history: This artifact was created by a soldier nicknamed “Eddie”, who served between 1942-1945 and possibly into 1946. This is a part of the album of similar photos that he sent back home to his family and his love interest to show them how his experience in Europe went. While the first part of album contains photos from the 1930s, the second half is exclusively photos from 1945 that were mailed from the front because each photo has a stamp indicating the contents were cleared by the U.S. Government before delivery.

Further reading:
A Brief History of the U.S. Army in World War II.

The Final Push to Berlin

The U.S. Army in the Occupation of Germany 1944-1946 by Earl F. Ziemke


Authored by: Dani Hurley, University of Oklahoma. 2/5/2019.